i figure since im now claiming the title of "blogger", updating this is mandatory 

over 100+ posts in 2012 alone(starting in August), it almost makes me wonder why I stopped for a while

i was always questioned "do you think you'll ever run out of things to write about"

honestly, no

the main factor that contributes to updating anything is motivation

the motivation that drove me to update my blog was depression 

now, maybe im a little depressed but that isnt why I'm back 

like I said before, this feels a lot more personal 

the only thing missing is my old color scheme.. which I plan to try and replicate to a certain extent

but the best part about this, is that not many people know that it exists

i only advertise my social media pages and soundcloud 

but of course, if you google my name.. you're bound to find this eventually 

I'm actually pretty embarrassed of a lot of the older posts on this blog, sometimes I read them and cringe due to how I tried to display my thoughts.. 

I would go back and delete, but I want to show growth.. or something.. 

high hopes for 2016..

plans to put a lot of things behind me, no more thoughts about old friends/girlfriends/grudges etc..

a new start, a new person

.. we're almost there