my trust in a person is temporary 

even in my current situation, sometimes i have my doubts 

my inability to form a healthy life bonding connection hinders some growth but I'll live, I'll love again 

anyway the last couple days have been interesting

5 days straight I woke up around 7/8 am for no apparent reason and unable to get back to sleep

a few nights ago, I had a dream that I lost a tooth. I wrote this on Instagram and one of my followers had something very interesting to say in the comments

he spoke on how this symbolizes change is coming, and maybe soon

im down for that 

I woke up today to see a strange pattern of numbers appearing everywhere that I looked

number of subs, 1,666

number of followers, 2,777

i then took a screen shot of the number of emails I had and tried to send it to someone but after I took the picture, I noticed the time said 10:37 am, which is the time that I was born 

lack of sleep is maybe causing me to overthink these things 

I tried to go to sleep around 8 only to wake up at 8:20 ish due to a bad dream, I felt like I couldn't breathe and was going to die.. then I woke up

lots of old memories cycling through my head.. im just trying to make sense of it all

after this last fourloko, I think I'm done with drinking, I find it overrated..

anyway, im glad that i still have support out there, somewhere.. you are appreciated 

(this is my first real blogpost in a looong time)