What a surprise

I come back...MONTHS later to see that this blog has had over 10k MORE views since I left it back March. Not sure how exactly to feel about that. I may be making a return shortly for those of you who still check to see if I have anything to say.

This time, no it's not emotionally related. More or so...eh nevermind, maybe it is.
Can't say I have much to talk about. I mean I do, but I'd probably get in trouble for saying too much.
However, you know me. 


Anyway, it is refreshing to visit. I tried tumblr but it just doesn't have the same feel. Too impersonal for my liking, and too
much porn. 

This is my home, the heart. 

2 years in the making. There will be more personal updates later this week. Just to get a good idea of where my head's been at for this year. Goodnight, vamps.

By the fucking way, I still make music.