Slowly but surely, I'm learning more about myself

More or so, the things that keep me from being normal. 

Normal people have confidence 

I have none...Usually.

Always been more of a...I'll attempt to do this, and whatever happens is going to happen.

It's very open minded.

Long term, I'm trying to become more close minded.

Just to live on the other side of life for a bit.

I have my days when I'm on my shit, and I notice it. Everything goes wonderful

But that mindstate only comes a few times a month.

It can be backed up. So it's not that bad.

Conversations go better, sex is better, sports/video games are better too.

Better because I'm winning, of course. 

So, my next step is to train myself to always be in this mindstate.

Almost a "I'm the shit" kind of vibe. But not as arrogant...

And less douchey. 

Let's see how this goes.

Also, on 

February 2nd, 2014 
At 11:59am...or a little before.
Jesus was born 6 years ago.


I like 6.