Part. 3?

Your life will, and has gone through cycles...

Whether you remember it or not...

I'm talking past lives, or something of the sort.

I'm sure that you've all heard how you've gotta go through hell to know heaven...or some other alternative of that quote.

The same goes with your spirit.

It's all a molding process, to make you exactly what you're supposed to be in the afterlife.

There are certain people in life that are put there for the purpose of molding you.

People you cannot stand, people you love and everything inbetween.

The goal is to fufill every possibility from every start.

Therefore, you literally can be...All knowing by time the process is finished.

You are whatever you are because you are supposed to be it.

If you don't make a particular choice in this lifetime, you have already did it, or you're going to in the "future".

Not everything is within your control, at this moment.

Some things will happen, and you'll just have to deal with it.

Acceptance is a key factor.

In the same breath, everyone around you, is you in a different period.

Had you gone through the exact same things as the person next to you, you'd be just that...

The person next to you.

Or the one you see on tv? 

Yup, that's you...

Under those circumstances.


Illusion, or reflection?