May be a part two, I don't know.

To add on to the last post...

It also requires looking past a lot of bullshit...Kissing ass...

Basically throwing away your pride.

There's no room for that until you're rich.

Also, change the taste of music that you're listening to.

See, the kind of music that you want is classical.

However, if you just want plain, ignorant motivation

Mainstream hiphop/Gangster rap

It's been the goal of many black Americans out here. 

Get money, fuck bitches.

I assume everyone who's reading this is black or at least have black friends who fit this category.

Only problem is that they never teach you what to do with it aside from buying useless stuff

But that's not a problem for you, that's all you want anyway.

Rock on.

I already taught y'all how to be depressed, and a bunch of tips for real life/plain ideas to get your imagination going.

I'm a right-brained guy, I don't think I can help it.

You must let your left brain...Male side dominate.

One thing I do know is that I'm no longer complaining.

The world is a business.

Am I just now getting this message? No

Is this the first time I'm publically expressing my thoughts about it, that aren't totally negative? Maybe

See? I'm growing already.

Maybe I'm tired of being called crazy.

Hence, the disguise.

I literally fit every description of a "why you aren't rich" candidate.

I realize it, and I acknowledge the solution.

The only thing stopping me is my pride.

These idiots are not hard to overcome.

When they have this much of a head start, it's just a little hard to play catch-up. 

This is where I expect to be hit with a nuclear bomb.

So, if things don't go as planned, just know that it's exactly what has been chosen for me.

Onto the next post explaining that last message...