Dots for Everyone

I often wonder what'll be the death of me.

If it's this, then I'm doing a pretty good job to say the least.

Anyway, dots for everyone.

Feeling unusually drained today 

Don't feel like taking a shower, washing my clothes, making music...etc

I just want to lay down.

Little boosts here and there from the adrenaline of playing Tekken

*as I lose a fight after being right on the brink of promotion*

See, right there...And just couldn't finish the job.

Perhaps an analogy to how I am in real life.

I sat here for hours...Texts and messages from people came to me.

All asking "what's wrong?" 

This was based upon my tweets, as they said.

Apparently I haven't been looking too happy.

I can agree. The only problem is that I'm not sure why.

Not family problems.
Slightly musical.
Slightly relationship based.
And that's all I can think of right now.

It wouldn't be like me to just drop everything.

But then again, it would. 

Hopefully not this time around though.

I'm into movies, reading(lightly now), having conversations here and there, learning, thinking, playing games, making music, and having successful sex. 

Oh, and enlightening people.

I don't think I've noted this on here, but I have started a new movement of sorts.


I'm looking forward to seeing this through, only problem is that I'm not entirely sure of what's at the end of the road. 

I'd be a bit down if this doesn't change what I want it to.

Hopefully the others are strong enough to make it there with me.

It is true, that a lot of what I've already said on here is being learned through some other popular media. 

I should be content that people are learning, but I'm not.

The battle between wanting and not wanting recognition eats away at me

Was I the first to say any of this? Probably not. But I know I didn't steal.
What is the next step? When am I going to get my next plethora of philosophies.

I'm hoping that my sudden depression will be the key to that.

Then again, I don't even feel like doing that.

My best bet...


> Onto the next post.