From a J


I know it's been awhile, I just don't really have too much to talk about right now.

I mean, I do...But I'm just trying to be patient to see how things play out.

Never want to speak too soon when you're still uncertain, may ruin what's in the future.

But, I have been reading here and there...Well, I plan to be.

Still gotta finish The Golden Bough. But in the meantime, I plan on finishing Hellsing Ultimate.

Spying here and there on old people. Just to see if I'm being mentioned.

Doesn't really have any effect on me, It's entertaining.

In other news, I've been consistently working on music.

Me and Jason collab'd on a few songs. He's getting better every day.

But, so am I.

Not really sure what I'm totally aiming for at this point as far as what type of music I should make...

Just as long as it's dope, right?

The project I planned on putting out is on hiatus.

At least until I(we) figure out what sound I'm(we're) looking for, or am comfortable with.

However, I have been receiving more feedback than usual.

I appreciate it a lot, even if the tactics that I had to use to get listens was a bit "unprofessional"

But who cares, a listen is a listen.

To listen...

Clearly, I've been pleasing myself too often.

So (enter usual proposal to not do it again)

At least not until I'm in a good enough mood to do it again...And not out of boredom.

Earlier, I heard the attic door close and someone run down the steps.

I went around the corner, there was no one there.

Checked all rooms, but one...Well, 2.

It's been a few hours, but...we'll see what happens.

Whether it was real, or if I'm "trippin".