I've been having dreams lately.

I know i've said it before, but damn...It's so consistent now.

Well, the fact that I remember it, rather.

Actually, it's pretty satisfying. Taking messages from dreams and applying them to real life...

Pretty good feeling.

Lately I've been on quite a roll. I think I may have found my own rhythm.

Not sure if it's due to waking up earlier, or the new way (to me) of going about how I do it.

Music, if you don't know by now.

It's always good to take little intervals here and there. Let it breathe, let it sit with people before putting something else out.

I almost feel as if that'll never be easy for me, to just sit back, but I'm hoping that not spamming the nets(entirely) with music...But it seems like a few of my ploys are paying off.

But for now, onto the next plan...


Not even going to look over this post to see if It makes sense or not.

Feel it out.

"You do what...?!"