Keys and Keys...

I'm convinced that the only reason you couldn't like me is because you never took the time to have a conversation with me. I'm talking, a long drawn out conversation.

Covering all points, all assumptions you may have about me, rumors...etc.

I'm just not seeing the correlation. 

There are plenty of ways to get in contact with me, more than I can count on one hand. 

I've even gave my number out multiple times on social networks.

There's really no excuse...

Anyway, I understand that most things don't come overnight. Completely understandable.

But why is no one listening?

I'm talking music.

It's getting to the point where Im beginning to re-realize that sometimes, tricking/taking advantage of people is the only way you'll be heard.

Trying to make a name for your self with no connects is damn near a dead mission these days.

At the same time, let me not forget why I started this in the first place.

For myself.

Of course I want listens/readers... Who wouldn't? The problem is when you let either one determine whether you continue your craft or not.

At that point, you lost the pure love for the craft that you once had and have become more concerned with the clout that comes with it.

So, my conclusion...

Ill do both.

My own name, and others. 

Shameless promotion.

I just want to see where this could possibly end up at.

Never have I been so cold.

I still have my morals but it seems as If I'm losing them one by one.

It's not even out of bitterness, it's just that with what I was doing, visually...The equivalent to being on a hamster wheel.

Can't help but have a schizophrenic mind frame and thinking that this is done on purpose, but ill try (since I'm leaving room for failure on this thought) to put that to the side for now. 

So if there's no visual progression with what you've been doing, what do you do? 

You experiment until you have achieved your desired results.
Let's hope I still have a grip on my(MY)self before this year is over.

"Off to the deep end..."