Lol sorry it took me so long, I've just been really busy lately.
I still don't know what to post. It's been so long since i've touched blogger.
How about an introduction?

Dear, reader(s)

I'm Jason Oak. That's probably not saying too much lol but i'll try to change that with a few posts here and there since Sun is.. Sun. He said that he'll still post but just not as often since he's taking a "break" from this for awhile. Soo in the meantime, -wait. I forgot to mention that i'm also an artist! I'n my opinion, my music is fun..Something you can dance or have a good time to! I'm not that good lol yet... I'm getting better though. I'm feeling pretty sleepy so i'll end it here. Just be on the lookout for more music. I'll ask Sun if he can post it since I don't have much of an audience :( Oh well.