Get Set.

Here we go, with this time of the year...yet again.

September 21st.


Marks a new beginning.

However, today is 9/20.

I feel surprisingly...down. I'm not really sure why. It's not like I expected to automatically be happy on this day, but damn.

But, at the same time...I almost feel loving. Of course, to music, family and one person in particular.

The appreciation grows whenever I decide to come back from the void to entirely acknowledge my social status.

I'm not afraid of isolation. It's something that I've grown fond of over the years.

That being said, I'm counting down.

23 hours and 29 minutes left.

So far, peace sign.

Listening to many stories, watching movies, and being under certain influences has my mind somewhat (major emphasis) back to where I want it at.

Creative. Imaginative. Free.

I plan on changing the layout/color scheme/aesthetic of this blog around somewhat.


*shallow drum roll*

Adding 3 or more authors to this blog.

So, more stuff to look forward to if you're an avid, or even an occasional reader...

They may have their appearances today... Maybe not.

It will be this year though.

Don't worry, things won't feel too foreign.
One goal for this year.

Learn how to be happy, no matter the circumstances.

I said before, happiness is what you make it. It's your perception.

If the fact that you have eyes makes you happy, so be it.

You have total control over your mind

So why wouldn't you have total control over your own stimulation?


I just hope that I'm in a better state of mind when I rise.

Actually, I'll start working on that right now.

Thanks to everyone who has and may possibly reach out.

Everyone else.


Happy New Year