Down Time.

So I barely threw-together a little 'noise' in my spare time.

This is the absolute unsatisfying 'noise' that I've ever made in my own personal opinion.

Well, a little compilation of it.

All made earlier this year, around the time of 'Playing Goalie', and shortly(lightly) after it.

The story of 'Playing Goalie' is still coming soon. Just needs a bit more touches.

There's a lot more on my computer, but it got so bad to the point where I didn't want to hear anymore.

So these are semi-tolerable.
...You'll 10% understand this poorly-put-together-project if you've ever experienced 'producers block'

No album art work, no real track list, no tags, no uploads...My title isn't even listed within them.

Not because I'm ashamed that I ever made such noise, but more on the side of

'It'd be best If i acted like it never happened'

As to be honest, I really don't remember making any of it, so it fits.

Let's lightly explain 'Chuckie'

Chuckie is who possessed me while I was working on this 'noise'.
He tends to come and go, but not nearly as often as the other 'visitors'.
'Playing Goalie' was a very depressing project.
And he was lingering around the entire time.
I was under many different influences, whether they were all natural or not is still in question.
A few songs that he made managed to reach it's way onto the project without my permission.
But whatever...The project is already put together and there's no changing it now.
So, without further ado, I present to you...

Down Time: Say Goodbye To Chuckie (Comments are/are not welcome. I know how this sounds.)

So with this tape, I say goodbye to Chuckie, or at least for now.

And begin working on other projects.

This will not get the same promotion as any of my other work.

One link here and there at the most. And that's it.

Moving on from this as fast as possible.

Listen with a light heart, and you might have a good time.

Or, do what I did.