Pause and Play.

I keep hearing "don't let people change who you are". 

Why is it that I'm more accepted and attractive when there's more negative energy within my aura? 

Never in years have I received as much love/attention (from multiple sources at once) than now. 

It's not blatant negative energy, it's the negative energy that each one of you have but won't dare to make a comment on it because you'll look like an outcast, and thus be exiled. 

So you and all of your clones are all in on the game together and are attracted to each other by same subconscious demeanor.

Anyone who's different(kind hearted), is automatically an outcast in your eyes, and thus, needs to be picked on and broken down until they resemble you and your army. 

It's a shame. Maybe I have let my environment get the best of me. 

Not as far as caring what people think of me, but more of a..."hey if they have this process and are doing fine, and seem happy...then why don't I try it out?" kind of sense. 

I guess, it's a balancing game. 

Just, doing most things just because its publicly accepted has never been my thing.

The moment you express some sort of free thought, you're shot down, looked at as weird, or even selfish.

Your best bet is to either enlighten, or just act like you care to keep the people around you quiet. 

And when one doesn't want to listen 

What choice do you really have?