There's just me. 

Every human ever born, an incarnation of myself in a different form. 

I'm the one talking, and the one listening. 

The murderer, the victim. 


Time exists in this universe, not everywhere. 

What's beyond this? 

We...I mean...

I can only imagine, for now

The thought of time only being relevant within this universe is very...Interesting. 

Almost hard to imagine life without it.

Sequence of events have to happen, right.

I remember reading, how certain things will only work or manifest if the user isn't concerned about the logic behind it happening, but rather, just making it happen.

As thinking of the logic behind it allows for flaw. 

And no flaw in your logic can result in manifestation. 

Although accidents CAN and DO happen.

"Logic" is also what you have been taught by society. 

So whenever something seems shaky, you say it makes no sense.

It makes sense, you just don't understand it at the moment. 


"Dey terk er jerbs!"