How could I possibly tell everyone but what helped me.

Dear, (Formerly known as

I have a "job" now. As of early June. 

Don't hate me. 

I know, I know...Im contradicting myself to the T.

Who would have known that it would come to this? Everyone, maybe.

Can't say ill ever be satisfied. My hard work and sweat are worth more than...paper? Possibly.

We are all in one, after all.


Maybe something with a bit more value I suppose...and I'd be satisfied.

I didn't even tell you that I lost my virginity  awhile back.

(A WHILE...back) 

Does that now make me a ghoul? Maybe it was worth it. 

The uncertainty of the reward (vampire) didn't seem worth taking the chance. 

At least I put in work, right? May as well make the most of my curse.

Hope you don't love me any less.

Or rather, if you even did in the first place.

Don't ever think I forgot about you.

One more month and we're at a year...Keep with me.

-SIN-cerely, SunYehoshua.

My promise. Updates. 

Be around?