Figured I'd start somewhere before I procrastinated the rest of this month.

And if you haven't noticed by now, the domain is ""

...So, that's dope.


I'm currently in my early kid, cartoon/video game phase again. This is my all time favorite show for a reason. I never had people to really talk to, and this show was basically my saving grace.

Especially Jonny. I felt like I saw myself in him a lot. My "2012schizo" phase, and not until now...I can see that he possibly was, too.

Allowing yourself to over think in isolation for years can definitely result in this.

I'm pretty sure I had an imaginary friend at one point, but it was never to that extreme...At least I don't think so. Pretty sure it was a joke, to be honest.

Needless to say, it's because I feel the way I used to now.

Which brings me to this...

Wisdom or Happiness?

I can't help but lead towards happiness after the passed few situations that have happened.

They say ignorance is bliss, and I can see that to an extent. Usually people who are happy, don't search for answers or problems to solutions...or over think.

Why would they need to? They're perfectly happy the way things are so there's no problem to find a solution to.

And since I find myself wanting to learn, I can assume the latter.

But learn what? Anything I have an actual interest in doesn't seem to have any solid ground or proof of its own existence. At least not to my liking.

I guess it makes sense, if you believe it, then it's true/it will happen.

That's one thing I'm sure of. Honestly believing in something with no doubt will result in whatever you want.

Doubt makes room for failure, and "do" or "doing" doesn't include failure...but trying, does.

Just like ghosts, just like voodoo(vodou) and just with religion. It will only work/will exist if you believe it does...Whether it be to yourself or whoever else believes it.

So, if something doesn't happen that you personally wanted to happen, blame it on your doubt.

The words you speak are spells, and can speak things into or out of existence.


But yo, fluoride free tooth paste and almond milk. I think I may be onto something here...

Maybe not.