10k Mirror Demons.


The mirror in my room has been turned around for...the passed few weeks...I think.

Whether superstition or Hollywood propaganda is getting to me, it is what it is.

*Quotes M/A/T/E...*

The stories behind alleged experiences with mirrors are almost too far fetched. Almost?

Already applying your newly found knowledge of beliefs.

That if you truly believe in something, then it will happen.
If it doesn't happen, you don't fully believe in it.
It only works if you believe.
If you don't believe, it has no affect upon you.

This follows the lines of blessings, curses, healing...Vodou...etc.

At the same time, getting a person to believe isn't the easiest thing in the world. Along with knowing that you wouldn't want to do to them, what you wouldn't want done to yourself.

So be wise.

Said, the truth is right in your face. On your t.v, computer screen, or any other kind of visual media.

In no way am I saying that to be afraid of mirrors. But from personal experience, I usually turn mine around or cover it up before I go to sleep. Along with my webcam...since nowadays it's possible for people to hack into it.

It's actually not uncommon for people to cover up mirrors at a funeral.

For their belief resides on the spirit not actually leaving the body immediately after the person is dead, but lingering around in there for however long it pleases/it's allowed to.

And upon leaving it's physical skin, could become trapped into a physical mirror. Patiently waiting for a chance to make it's move upon the best victim.

Note: "Spectrophobia is a kind of specific phobia involving a morbid fear of mirrors and one's own reflections."

I said movies. Insidious(Remember the astral projection scene?[google astral projection]), Mirrors, Constantine, Evil Dead 2, The Omen, Candy Man, Bloody Mary, Snow White, The Skeleton Key...etc...The list goes on.

All with souls being inside of a mirror, usually being a demon.

Mirrors are said to be a reflection of the soul.

Mirrors are also used in certain branches of witchcraft(from what ive been told).

A mirror does not lie. Not everyone off the back has the ability to see a demon(at least to my knowledge). But with a mirror...it's possible.

The world's a totally different place with no light...

And of course, we have the breaking a mirror = seven years of bad luck. The belief is that it is a reflection of your soul, and your soul regenerates every 7 years if broken.

It results in undergoing no spiritual protection which leaves you more prone to lower vibrations.(Of which have no "good" intention)

Everything within your house originally came from natural resources which lived. You're not the only one watching yourself.

The obvious is inevitable.

However, after my long hiatus...I'm glad to say that I came back to this.

Thank you.