By time, I'm taking it slow. Please be patient with me. 

Nerds Rope, Big Texas, some sour shit...annnnnd toilet paper.

You'd be surprised how many heads turn when you're in a store and you're asking for condoms. I'm not shy, but still new to this. So just kind of pointing my finger at it and "...yeah, yeah i want this...nah not that one, this...nah put that back i want this one"

It'll never NOT be awkward...

But at least I didn't waste my time getting em.

It's too much going on outside to really admire the scenery. Maybe I'm just a bit paranoid,  but dogs and strange looks don't rub me the right way.

Aside from the main objective, I was trying to find a specific person outside.

I've probably seen em twice at most. But never saying anything, just keeping to self and walking in strange patterns.

A little while ago there was some random guy who sat down near the creek behind my house.

Just...staring off into the water it seemed, then put his head into his lap and sat there for a few minutes.

Already attracting the attention of neighbors, we're already questioning what exactly is his motive.

He did something with some tissue, filled his jug with water and began to perform some sort of ritual.

Just slowly doing the same motions over and over, just a tad bit of water in his hands each time he repeated the motions.

This went on for quite a bit...And questioning/scared neighbors began to act upon it.

He leaves, taking his time.

Next thing you know, there are helicopters and several police cars circling that are circling the area.

I was currently outside digging holes to put my hair into.

Coincidentally, me and the guy both have a small afro. So as i was outside, the helicopter flew passed me about 6 times or so. I'm guessing just to make sure that they have the description correct. Lucky for me, nothing happened.

Some weeks pass after this event, and as I'm walking back from the store, I saw him again.

Same general area, but this time as i was passing him, i realized that he refused to make any sort of eye contact.

I wanted to reach out to ask a few questions out of my curiosity. But I guess I froze up and just kept walking.

Needless to say, I didn't see him again today. But am still curious of his actions. I have a feeling he's probably homeless so he could be anywhere at any time.

Tried searching up water rituals and such...but to no prevail.

Although the thought of it is interesting.

Anyway, i have some things to think about. Decisions to make. Deals to seal.

so yeah.


Almost at 200 posts, and 10k views.

Love you all.