Alright so---

*looks at the chatbox*


The message seems real but...Selena Gomez? Ridiculous.

I guess any message is better than no message, whether it be fake or spam. my knowledge the Grammy's come on tonight.

As always, be on the look out for anything strange or particular diction.

At what point in life do you say..."Okay, i did it." ?

As of recently I was watching a particular person in an interview, and he was saying that after being at the top of his game (having money, cars, hoes, jewelry...pretty much everything that the average person wants) That he felt like he "won" in life.

This stuck out to me. For the people who have dreams of obtaining earthly/superficial goals, what happens when you reach those goals? You spend your entire life trying to reach it, and once you do...You win.

The only problem now, is that you're still alive with still many years ahead of you.

Kill yourself? Nope. You carry the burden of hurting the people around you till your grave if you did such a thing. Chances are, you didn't ask to be born, and you can't even leave on your own time without causing a stir up and a bad name for yourself.

Now you're stuck in a life that you're done living. This is where people would usually turn heavily into drugs, religion...or both. Just anything that'll give them hope that this isn't all that life is about.

Of course you can try other new things, but nothing will strike you with joy like obtaining what you wanted ever since your child hood.

I've never really had much interest in anything. Just a few at hand that are pretty basic.
(I'll get further into this sometime in the near future)

For whatever reason humans are apparently too good for the average animal life.

Eat, sleep, mate.

The pro about that life, aside from it being a that it is eternal.

You're always going to need to eat, sleep, and of course mate for the survival of your race.

But when things become too easy, you find ways to entertain yourself in the mean time. There's no worry of wondering whether you'll find food to eat everyday. You work everyday in a virtually safe environment for paper that you spend on food at your closest market. Paper that's virtually worth less than what you're buying...Aside from everything being transferred to a digital scale.

I won't argue with your choices though. It's your life. And placing a value on what you find important or special to yourself would indeed be...stupid.

Not sure how y'all feel about the blog update. They say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

May be a bit more boring...but for now it sets right with me.

The grammies are coming on soon, so I'm going to grab something to eat and chill.

Love y'all.