Do the...wait.

*smacks myself*

So I've fallen back into my old...habits. Surely not too proud but at the same time, nothing to be ashamed of.

I told em i'd only start again if one of my needs were fulfilled, and it was.

Too bad I think I'll be going back to not doing it again. Which means...dry spell(google it) until...whenever.

My confidence is back so I'm not even worried.

I did manage to do something stupid earlier though... e_e. Geez.

Talk about frozen...

Anyway. Money. Mark. Root of all evil.

"It's not money that's the root of evil, it's the love of money."

(considering we all know love is not evil) Without money, there would be no love FOR money. So, money still stands it's own respective ground.

But is it all bad? It's basically the middle man for all exchanges. Of course with bartering there would be no middle man, so this is where money comes in.

Lightly, an example.

I have a farm full of cow. And i want some chicken or whatever from the farm next to me.

So i offer a few of my cow for a few of the other persons chicken.

There's no guarantee that that person will want my cow. So what do I do now?

I'm SOL.

This is where money comes in play. The small percentage of people who wouldn't trade paper for living organisms is pretty low. So the chances of me not being able to still get what i want, is also low.

It's a double-edged sword.

Paper that's worth virtually nothing becomes more important in peoples eyes than people in general.

For example,

"All i need is my money, f*ck n*ggas get money, Money over everything"...You see where I'm going with this.

As women being the more superficial gender, men are the ones who are willing to pretend that they are in able to get the woman. Whether the man or woman got their ideals from t.v, movies, magazines...etc...

Do you really think most men give a shit about looking good before going out of the house or flashing money for other reasons besides attracting YOU?

Woman have to realize. About 99% of the things a man does, is to get a girl believe it or not.

Women like men in clown suits? Every man will begin wearing a clown suit.

Women like men with tattoos? Every man wants tattoos.

Women like men with paper? Every man wants paper.

They want to have the best chance possible to impress the woman and make her, his. No matter what it takes.

It's almost rare you'll hear the same from a guy. And if you do, question his sexuality.

On some "I only date a girl if she got a job, a car, independent...etc"

I've said this all before. 

Men just like the idea of it. At the end of the day, a woman being dependent on a man is what the man actually wants. It's what makes the man, a man. That's one of the biggest portions of his pride, being able to serve, provide, and protect for his wife and children.

If women manage to do all of that themselves, there's no reason for the man to be in the equation other than to make babies.

(Considering we're talking about the men who actually want a family.)

All women have to do, is just keep their body is some form of order, and even THAT will be overlooked by most men.

Naturally, women have a lot more choices than a man does with who she wants to have sex with.

If it's human and it has a vagina, a man will have sex with it.

As for women, if it's human and has a penis, doesn't necessarily mean that she will have sex with him.
(the exceptions are labeled "whores")

As she has room for preferences. Not saying the man doesn't. But it certainly isn't as common.

Unless of course...You have money. (women who chase after men who have money for material benefits are also labeled. this time, as gold diggers)

I'm speaking for the majority.

But there always comes a time in your life when you have to make a decision.

Me, i've never had any "swag" or any of the sort. So i had to resort to using my personality.

It's too much work to put on a front(although i have in the past in able to...) . Present all of who you are to those upfront, lay down your cards.

Whoever is left, are those who accept you, for you.

And are probably worth your time.

Looks are for the moment, personality is forever.

Weird. But I want to do an interview right now.