From A.M To P.M with a Tear.

One wish, primal...And isn't being granted. Why? Who knows...
Why does it suddenly seem so difficult to find...

Every household should have this...Somewhere

Maybe I'm making this more difficult than it has to be. Or I'm being a bitch.

Everything in here is slow. I deserve it.

Even if I had the extra courage at this moment I still couldn't let myself do anything.

Thank whoever for my parents still being alive.

It'd only be wasted time. That's a lifetime.

A little morbid for the time being. Please don't question me.

Just be glad I don't have the ideal means to doing such.

Or don't.

I just heard a knock at my window.

I'm sorry but I'm going to ignore it. You weren't there when I needed you.

I know my downfall entertains you.

Wait, no my charger just fell out.


How many straws can be added before I break?

A little scared ill admit.

This is why...sigh.

God, I think I finally understand. And the concept behind you.

Guess there is a reason that we aren't supposed to dig for absolute truth or realizations within ourselves.

Once you find it, you lose your interest In life. Making you, God. A tool in many people's eyes to keep pushing in hopes of things to get better, one day. Even if it may not even be truth, any small chance of hope or faith is enough to keep a nation moving. The government...Genius.


There's no undoing what's already been done.


"...And our next performer..."