Ah, first post of the year and I'm 12 days late.

So far this year...disappointments...aside from Superman beating Goku.

But my numbers are said to be 6, 13, and 27.

Just hope my GOOD luck kicks in on these particular days.

Cut my hair, cut my whole "stigmatic" accessories. And don't even wear my necklaces.

All I'm hoping Is that these changes are for my best.

One new thing though, I went to the store and picked up some honey.

It was 9/30/12 old.

People say honey doesn't go bad.

Guessing people have a problem
Because its a blend? Corn syrup and honey.

Doesn't taste much different to me, but whatever helps.

Mainly used for getting my mood up since as of late ive been a bit in the dumps and/or testosterone...with that being said...

It works wonders.

Who wouldn't known that honey is an Aphrodisiac? News to me too.


I try not to overdo it...I get a bit on the hyper side.

I'm really liking this naked idea.

Just doing regular every day activities naked, sleeping, walking around...even working out.

Although that one is going to take some getting used to. My *************
slapping against my stomach is never fun.

The presence of who or whatever was pretty strong last night, just the entire time feeling like I was being stared at.

Foolish me let it run me out of my basement a bit early. Just wasn't feeling too confident.

The cold welcomes me.

Know what sucks? Knowing all that you're doing or were born for could possibly be the result of a lack of entertainment.

Maybe I'm a bit pessimistic in these late days.

I've apologized for more times than I'd like to. As stubborn as I am, I really don't feel like arguing about anything.

It's a lot easier to just let the person believe what they want.

People are going to do whatever they want despite how another will feel because of their actions if the time calls for it. Even if the time is all the time.

Can't complain about that.

Just a person...?

From speculation, I've been told to possibly be bi-polar, have adhd, be skitzo,
or just plain weird.

Hearing all of it at a relatively young age, it's hard to shake out of your thoughts. But it still sticks with me here and there.

Anything you do, you may subconsciously blame it on something that you may not even possess.

But, I hate using it as an excuse.

Try your best before selling your soul to a pill. Which I still don't recommend.

You're only a prisoner to what you allow to imprison you.

Be free.

Note: Almost 10k views...Thank you...Thank you.