"And you goin with em..."

"Whoever speaks out against em starts falling off, their career ruined...etc..."

What about the people who JUST started their mainstream career and are CLEARLY taking more than just shots?

Like actually going into detail.

They say dmx, Katt Williams, Michael Jackson...etc... All were fcked over for "speaking against them."

Mind you, if they ever did say anything, it was vague as hell.

Whereas you have people like Kendrick Lamar, Joey, and Absoul who don't hesitate to say certain shit and their careers are booming right now. After saying more than ANY of the previous people that were said.

Or even Immortal Technique? Maybe not BOOMING. But it's def not being sabotaged either.

How would you explain this?

Either it's 2012 and they're letting people slide, or people got carried away with google.

Either one is very possible.

December 7th.

I don't make 11:11 wishes, I make 11:11 will dos.

Even though I have no real reason to do it, as a time doesn't decide whether I can do something or not. But how much could it hurt?

As long as I actually do something, it's all that matters.

If something I don't like is going on, ill do my best to stop it.

I don't mean to say violence is the answer, but fighting for your freedom or whats yours has NO boundaries, you do what's necessary.

This has been done multiple times in history, and things changed MAJORLY.

Quietly voting for it?

Must not be that pressed for it.