Broke my word to myself yet again.

So, December 30th.

I've never felt so social yet anti social at the same time.

Not even sure what I want right now.

Just lost. I need to get back outside or something. Or go see someone.

I'm putting down this habit. I don't even care anymore. There's no satisfaction I'm getting from the idea.

Because that's all I have, the idea.

Like dude...heh. Why do I feel like laughing.

I need a kiss

I must be an awkward something.

Where are all my losers at? We in this together mane.

If my parents weren't here...lol.

Guess that's a good thing.


FUUUUUCK this is digging at me.

If I just planned things out a LITTLE better I would be.............

Next time, I'm giving a weeks notice.


Well, atleast my reputation is clean. I'd hate to be "that nigga".