So it's December 24th. Not too long before Christmas now.

Didn't really ask for anything but the offers mean just as much.

Of course, visibly nothing happened on the 21st.

I'm not saying nothing happened...But if it did, the changes aren't being seen by me.

I don't feel the same way about the "what if..." Factor in this world anymore.

About 99% of it are just thoughts based in no real personal experience. At least for me.

And even to this day I can't stop wondering the what if, it's just who I am.

Of course that in itself could be exactly what they're trying to do.

But hey, would it really matter either way?

Always thought, are there different paths when you die based on how you did?

Committing suicide seems like a big one. And it's rapidly growing more popular.

But haven't seen as much in the music industry as of late besides what I just heard today.

What kind of path would that possibly lead you to? Would it be the same as letting yourself be killed without interfering?

I almost feel godly. As if this is the end of the path for knowledge that I have achieved.

I only say that because as of now I feel as if any knowledge that is given to me at ground level is just plain obvious. At least for the most part.

Id need a vision or something of the sort on conclude it. But until then...