The ball's in your court, I'm tired.

The one thing that sucks about standards, is not ever meeting anyone's, including your own. Always too much of this or not enough of that.

Although I shouldn't care, it's hard not to.

Life's job is to turn me into the demon I try to keep away.

If I had even a small taste of the good life that I desire, I wouldn't even entertain the thoughts that i have.

Always been the best person at something that's not even all that.

This shit is working me day by day with disappointment after another.

Sometimes I just have to wonder, who do I think I'm kidding.

My interest in nearly everything is 0.1

And complaining doesn't solve a thing.


ill make more considerations when December is over with. This is all I have interest in looking for right now.

O'power, i call upon you.

Don't let this be in vain.