Shoo, Shoo.

Meant to publish this earlier and forgot to.

Of course, it rains today. Which does, but shouldn't, prevents me from exiting the house.

9 days into December. So far, this month Is annoying me. Not even so much the month, just things that are happening.

And why is it so hot in this room?!

Lol, a thought just came across my mind.

There's a few thoughts I have to get straight. If I'd just start looking at humans for what they are then it'd at least be no social conflict.

I did help create them, after all.

If he "fell off"...nvm I don't want to mold my actions.

I do admire certain actions...and emotions or lack OF... Admittedly.

Start talking to myself if I really have to.

-ZING!- I think I just got it...time to gather these thoughts.

Whatever it takes.

____ > ____

I'd happily take a nice amount of mj right now.