End it.

I never complain

I'm just tired of things having to suck no matter what.

Guess I could blame myself. But why would I.

Everything on this earth is for a purpose.

So just because I don't know it's exact purpose, it gets the blame too.

No not really

Lets see...12/20/12

The whole we are going to die thing I'd getting old

Honestly those rumors died about two years ago.

And yet people still keep it up as if ANYONE actually believes it.

They'll hold onto things for years just to make a point...even when the point is no longer valid. It's crazy.

Im just looking for a beginning.

To say the least I'm annoyed, by everything.

Can't even sleep. What do I need the energy for anyway.

Ill try to go into 21 with no sleep, and just go outside and observe the entire day.

I'd rather not be within a house.

Heard a story on the news about a guy that was talking about the same stuff I was talking about yet again. I guess it's nice to come into it, but where does it even end?

I'm sick of buying small materials for a 2 minute smile. But I probably won't stop.

I'm being watched again and don't even care, just get it done.