I wouldn't advise you to drink 5 hr energies.

There's a lot of things that I tend to stray away from when it comes to food, that being one of them.

Aside from water...heating up my food in a plastic container. That's a no no.

(This new blogger app is iffy.)

I now have a thing for coffee, well right now I just want some.

Craving something I haven't had in months.

There's a few others.

Please note; there is a difference between a cigarette, and tobacco.

Most people just blindly put them both into one category.

Who would have known that smoking plain tobacco has the same risk that smoking mj does? Which = ...

Of course, not ENTIRELY safe, but definitely a much better alternative to smoking something that's loaded with "599 chemicals" right? Even mj would be pretty dangerous at that point.

Of course, an e-cig would avoid that problem all together. It just looks cheesy to me. Maybe a more plain one would be alright.

Had a dream I was playing pool on my kitchen table, with fruit like tomatoes or weirdly shaped balls.

The colors were uneven. Red and green took up the majority while blue stood out the most. With a pink and pale one? Was weird.

Then my mom said I need 4 of each color.

I even went as far as trying to shoot the pool stick itself into a pocket with another pool stick.

Maybe ill go eat a tomato.