Bring me conscious.

'The come down' is bumping right now son.

It almost sounds like 'everybody die, everybody die...'

Close enough.

There's a lot of talk about gun control, I was actually talking about it earlier in facebook.

And it just intrigued me. Of course with Guns gone, people would go to the second best option, and so on and so on.

I can imagine people just riding around in cars with swords hanging out of their window.

Maybe so or before that, bow and arrows?

I kind of like the odds of these weapons more.

I've never seen someone dodge a bullet.

But I have seen punches dodged and swings of bats.

Plus, it's limited to range.

So are bow and arrows, but still a longer range than throwing a knife at someone by hand.

Then we have pea shooters and

Just a thought, maybe a bit exaggerated.

Everything has a purpose. Things that are here for a particular reason.

The same goes with humans.

Decide what exactly you want from this object or being and keep it at that.

I'm talking physical.

Whether it be sex, a massage, fighting, relationship...etc. but don't let it be anymore than that. You can also give, it's doesnt always have to be receiving on your part.

Decide that before its too late and you lose sight of why you're even entertaining the company.

Keeping sight of that goal and putting x's over anything else that doesn't concern it, as it serves no purpose for you, stay out if it.

And I ALMOST mana--------------

*high pitched noise in my left ear drags on*

Eh, next time.

Anyway, that's one thing I may have or may not have let slip up.

But when I do manage to do that, the results are perfect.

It's all about the approach.

Not what you say, but how you say it.

It can save your life.

I'd take a walk if I had a decent jacket and a hat to put on.

But it's been extremely windy over here ever since the 21st. Know why? Nope.

The amount of interest I have in advice that other people give me in my strong field is very low.

It's still wonderful to know that people are thinking.


I'm probably going to go see if they have Django on. I feel like I need to watch it again.

Very Classy.

I decide to place your soul wherever I see fit.
It just can't be a biased reason. But with that being said, it's not.
Wait...Can it be biased? Possibly
Then again, it could be an allegory.
Are you willing to take the chance?