And I don't mind.


"I got so much..."

Admittedly, depression is beautiful when not taken too far. 100%

Happy people usually don't make the effort.

Then again, there is always a middle ground. So...

The first sights of "I" being "I" again Is very interesting.

Anyway yo, lately I've been having a lot of dreams about zombies.

Pretty damn vivid too.

Lets started off with me shooting a woman in the head with my be rifle

The shits mad strong but it didn't have the effect on her that I wanted it to have.

-skips filler-

My friend calls me up talking about my ex for whatever reason

-dont remember this part-

We're all outside, at a nearby elementary school. Everyone's dancing and having a good time. Music was retarded loud but it was whatever.

Then the zombies(with human like emotions) show up, and instead of killing people, they start dancing to the music.

Taking advantage of the opportunity,8 spot a nearby zombie.

Maybe a 10 yr old boy. Damn near naked just standing there dancing and smiling.

At this point I'm like wtf because people are acting like these things aren't zombies.

So I take a small knife that was...wherever.

For some reason I thought suffocating the zombie would kill it, it didn't...

Kick the boy down, and begin sawing his throat apart piece by piece until he is decapitated. Apparently the knife was sharp as $@&$

So that's over with...and now it's getting dark as hell, literally to the point that I can't see anything but black.

The music stops and they're on the loose.

Being chased and pushed out of any desirable escape route.

A group of Africans show up, they seem to be in charge of the entire fiasco but aren't stopping it. I give some guy the knife cause apparently it was his.

He didn't know I killed the boy, but seemed upset that he was dead.

After being chased through the black by some black figure, I wake up.

-awkward silence-

So anyway...somethin random.

Any pain you're experiencing can be overcome with the use of your mind. Didn't quite believe it until my art teacher...-

Or simple relaxation techniques, such as slow, deep breaths.

Too many times when I tell people to try it, they give me a stupid look like its not going to work.

Then they try and become unsatisfied by the poor results.

That's the thing, you have to let it happen, let it take over you.

Sometimes looking and expecting aren't the best ideas.

Masking my emotions is one thing I can say I'm good at.

You almost have to make yourself go crazy. Just keep telling yourself one thug until you become convinced that its true.

It's been done before.

Sometimes, consistency is all it takes.