A Skeletons Day Off

"Sit back and watch my words come true"

I said it, and it's bugging me now. That could be a big mistake.

I forgot, if I don't do it, someone else will.

Ill stumble upon a video of someone talking about the same stuff I was on here, and getting recognition for it.
Excuse me for a second.

Am I waiting too long to jump the gun?

At the same time, I said as long as the message is passed on, forget the messengers name.

Which, I still agree with.

Jealously or envy is something I never quite got to get under my control.

The same time I watch these people saying it, I don't trust them.

It's nature to believe more in yourself rather than another individual.

But, it's to mold your own perspective into play.

Could say my mind has become too materialistic and opinionated in this time of peace, and I'm catching onto it.

Morals were thrown out of the window and I even lied here and there.

Anyway, the clock is ticking.

I made beats for about a week and since 3 days ago I've lost interest with it. It was nice being happy for a bit though.

Honestly looking forward to it.

I'm on borderline with being back in my usual mind state. So, I guess it's a sign.

Time to grow.

I'm okay.