So I hear...That not everywhere in the world is this year actually 2012.

But actually 2005? *shrugs* I'm not claiming anything for true, just something I heard.

You didn't hear this from me.

Now, my personal reflection on the year 2012.

I'm going to be completely honest, I don't even remember most of it.

Hardly even the passed few months.

Probably because I've been living in my own little cycle for months now.

There were multiple times that I could have gone out, or decided not to.
(Then i watch the news the next morning...)
And the fact that It didn't could have saved my life.

So it's almost like it was how it was meant to be.

My mom was ecstatic to see I left out of the house 2 days ago. Even though I stay to myself 99% of the time.

Guess I seemed a little annoyed or something.

I barely go out, and when I do...Some shit always happens. Unless I'm just walking to the store.

So it's never really boring to me I suppose. And it hasn't lost it's value.

Maybe I just have bad luck.

Not a single tear shed. Actually, not since I was...14 or 15 have I cried out of emotion.

It'd be from a yawn or dry eyes, but that doesn't count as crying.

Not a single injury...besides getting sick a few times earlier in the year and missing weeks.

Like yo, if i get sick around march, or april again...It's destined.

As far as drugs go...Nowhere NEAR my desired dosage. And i mean NOWHERE near.

It's almost as if I'm here SOOO often. That whenever I go off for a few days or so, people get worried.

If that's one thing I learned this year, is that some people really do care.

Fam, internet fam, person.

At least that's what It seems like. I'm a lot less doubtful nowadays I suppose.

...I've come to forgive people SO EASILY.(under certain conditions) Like some shit could happen and within a few hours i'll completely forgive the person for what happened.

Doesn't mean I won't remember what happened though. "Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me"

Still got love for whoever.

I'm not sure if it's the necklace, or if i've just came this far on my own.

Either way, it's dope.


Now, my NUMBER one setback of the year, and my life.

Physically and mentally.

Has been the obsession with sex and obtaining it.

My most primal need besides eating, pooping and sleeping.

Like, you wouldn't imagine the things I went through for even the slightest chance.

But as time went on, i just stopped caring less and less. Put is less effort and everything.

I don't even stare at asses when i leave out of the house anymore.

It's all a part of me advancing.

People would always tell me, "omg if you had tattoos and etc...you'd get so much $%#$%"

Not worth selling my soul over, honestly.

"N!ggas ain't tryna impress YOU!..."

Anyway...2013 is on it's way.

In 2009 there'd be word of Michael Jackson saying something particular.

"We have 4 years to get it right..."

Take it whichever way you want.

"Just an entertainer" Possibly.

What a coincidence...Just saw a picture of him.

I'm just rambling on. Things are starting to look good, just as things are said to start getting bad.
Maybe that's a good thing.

*googles pictures of a soul*

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