If you knew how to do it, you would do it.

Sorry excuses aren't welcome.

Maybe I'm beginning to grow an ego. And I'm not sure why.

Lately I've been pretty interested in becoming more than a...being

I hear alchemy works...but resorting to that really...

Idk, maybe my imagination isn't picturing that at the moment.

But, more than what I have is pretty interesting

And it's killing me day by day knowing that the things I dream of dont seem very possible

I don't want to be like anyone, but being better? Sure.

Maybe I've been watching too much tv...

Maybe not...

Rest at the moment is calling. ANSI don't feel like waking up.

As of late, I've been in a particular mood.

So expect more posts, hopefully.

It's time to expand.

I bet killing someone would unlock regions of your mind unimaginable.

The feeling of taking a life. A human life? For some people...Euphoric.

Getting away with it is the hard part...And stopping.

The thought of bathing in blood is...almost acceptable.

This blood, only getting started.