There's nothing like being in a dream, and then realizing that you're in one.

And from there, controlling the dream and how things play out.

Believe it's called a "lucid dream".

In Egypt and Greece. Some considered dreaming to be a means of communication to something supernatural.

So of course, they had dream interpreters to be able to tell the person what their particular dream meant.

And...Am I the only one who's dreams have been...out of the ordinary as of late?

I'm not trying to get you to subconsciously think they are, just be honest with yourself.

This world is changing, and quick...Right before your eyes.

Every small detail counts, it all adds up.

More than likely it'll take something gargantuan to catch everyone's attention.

So if the small changes keep up at this rate, it'll be over before you know it.

Just spend a day or two outside. Not looking for anything particular, because you won't find it.

Relax, and become one with it. It'll come to you. Whatever IT is.

You'd be surprised how much your zodiac sign says about your personality.

Most people don't believe in it. Do you.

What annoys me are the people who let it rule their life.

Like, it's the first thing they ask someone when meeting them. "What's your zodiac sign?"

Sure, it's important, probably more than we think it is.

But still, personal experience comes first.

Letting that judge them before you even get to know them could cloud your judgement of an actually decent person.

Everything plays a role.

Wish this showed up in my bedroom. Guess it's perspective.