High Frequency.

For every action, there's usually 2 types of explanations for them.

1. Being the "scientific" explanation.

2. Being the "myth" or "folklore"...etc...

It's usually up to the person, what sits right with them, they'll believe. Sometimes it won't even make "logical" sense to them. But it feels right.

Anyway, high pitched noises.

Have you ever just been sitting down or doing whatever, and then a high pitched noise in your head/ears just starts up out of nowhere?

You're sure that your music isn't on or anything else, but the noise just won't stop.

Well, the "scientific" explanation for this as some may say, is a condition called Tinnitus.

The high pitched noise or whatever foreign sound you're hearing is apparently the result from listening to music that's playing too loudly, or being around other loud sounds for too long.

Or, from an ear infection, build up of wax, stress, having a foreign substance in your ear, Vitamin D deficiency...etc...

The possibilities are endless.

On the other hand, looking at other sources.

People say that they are actually some sort of psychoactive disturbance.

As if it's some kind of vision or something trying to talk to you.

Others say, it's a part of your dna changing as a human being.

As if it is apart of your awakening process. Like a DNA upgrade of some sort.

We all know a loud enough sound can make things move, a high frequency noise...Makes you vibrate.

Atleast, the inside of your body. Maybe very little on the outside.

You may have heard the phrase "Vibrate higher" Or at a "higher frequency" by now.

If you haven't, you will soon.

You might remember back on my frank ocean review...

I commented on a few songs where near the beginning a high pitched noise would play.

Especially on "Start". And on "Not Just Money".

Most people didn't notice, but if you go back to check, you'll hear it.

And if what I was saying before is true.

Then that's pretty helpful from people who only want the worst for us...


Keep an ear out.

Need more. Death Grips - Culture Shock.

You'd be surprised, a lot of what you're looking for is already in music.


Listen closely at the VERY end... And throughout the whole song.