Guest Blogpost #2

Huey's Friend ...No introduction necessary.
I have a love/hate thing for writing. I absolutely HATE writing when it comes to school, work etc etc. But I love personal writing. Conflicted was I when I was asked to write an essay on what I'd ask for if I was given 3 wishes.
I immediately thought of myself, obviously, I mean why would I wish for something good to happen to someone else? That's stupid. What about me?
Then I received the rubric.
3 wishes:
1 for the world
1 for someone else
1 for you
Some people could twist it around and make it all favor them. (Some did, we are teenagers, I half expected that)
But then i thought for a second ...kinda..
Number A: Wow , I am kinda selfish, aren't I?
Letter 2: What if this was real? If these wishes were actually granted
Got to writing and well ...
Problem today is the selfishness that flows through the minds of just about everyone. Not many are Genuinely selfless and will give everything they have for the sake of someone else. It's been hit on before but I didn't actually Listen to it then. Pssh I'm writing about it and I still don't think I am listening.
Sometimes a person has to realize things for themselves. And I realized if I was this concerned about myself, others out in the world probably are thinking the Same Exact way, if not worse.
It seemed like sooooo much to have to wish for someone else instead of myself. And I figured that the rule "you can't wish for infinite wishes" applied.
>.< I was stumped
What is really terrorizing the world? What is holding it down with every passing day? Is it violence? Crime? Hungry children? Poverty? Natural disasters?
Probably all of the above right?
All of the above and then some?
Yeah go with the last one.
"Wish for someone else".
Only one person came to mind then. I'm sure Half these ungrateful ...wished for something good to happen to someone they were close to just so the effects would rub off on them.
But this is my generation. Not proud but it's who we(They) are. I didn't think it was so hard to wish someone else well. Apparently it didn't even have to be someone you knew. *shrugs*
Questioning myself over and over
"How do I seem as selfless as possible but still get what I want?"
Sounded impossible.
*inner thoughts* {Someone needs a reality check}
Hell Everybody needs a reality check. [I am not going down by myself] Get themselves together. Think about the good they could do on their own instead of waiting on someone else to do it.
1st wish: End world violence (my contribution: Refrain from killing somebody)
2nd wish: For my friend to do well in their life (" " : Support and encourage them best I can)
3rd wish: For me to spend the rest of my life with the one I love (" " : ... )
Not so bad ... I know I better get an A
Buuut uhhmm
Wonder what everyone else would wish for ...