Election Day.

Honestly, all of this is annoying me.

The people who try to pull guilt trips into making other people vote

The Mitt Romney hate. The Obama love

The memes, the criticizing...almost everything.

Seeing how it turns out is going to be interesting though.

They say if you don't vote, you can't complain.

(Who told you that your vote counts? Be honest
This goes along with what I said about donating to charity, in a sense. )

I'd trust a gut feeling over anything that someone says.

Personally, i don't think it does, and even if it does...What they want to do will happen regardless of who's the "face" of the country.

Truthfully, at this point I hope that Romney wins and does a TERRIBLE job.

NOT because I like Romney or support anything he says

NOT because I don't like Obama or anything he says.

(count in the extreme hate that romney already has in the black community...)

But for HOPE that if things really DO get terrible...

That people will actually take change into their own hands and MAKE it happen.

Stop asking for YOUR freedom, take it and run with it.

But, it won't. And people will continue to sit back and wait for change. Obama will win(from a shell view). And it's a curse to modern humans. But if he doesn't...oh buddy.

I think it's weird that I don't personally know a single person voting for Romney though, from a shell, this would look like a blowout.

Accept that not everyone is going to be happy with your decision no matter what you do

Next time someone steals something of yours, vote to get it back.

Every ones right, right?

If you really want to, go ahead.

But don't try to put me into a guilt trip for NOT doing it.

Guess I annoy myself?