I breathe but take back with the same action.

Exhale, yet inhale all at the same time.

In fear of killing myself I hold my breath? Possibly. 

I feel more experimental than ever. 

And the drawbacks aren't so much in my peripheral. 

Please, step to my face. First blood? Deal. 

I'd never drink the blood of a stale being. 

Maybe a bit harsh, but the mindset that you currently have isn't quenching. 

I have quite a bit of thoughts running through my head at the moment. 

Having to stop for 2 minutes before returning to type something...At least it's needed.

What's idealism to a "realistic" world? 

Or vice versa.

I guess...this depends on your world, now wouldn't it. 

I'd recommend making one. 

Doing > Inspiring to be. 

I hardly ever go back to re-read any of my own posts.

But something tells me i'll be back to visit this one.

One season.