*jumps because i thought i saw someone standing in my closet*

Anyway...Bohemian Grove.

Supposedly a place somewhere in california that lasts for about two weeks. Season mid-july.

Why is this special? It's a get-together of some of the most powerful men in the world.

Note: Only men. But I'll get back to that in a bit.

Apparently while they're in there...They do all sorts of stuff. Including rituals.

And some of them, maybe all of them being homosexual rituals.

As far as i've read, anyway.

I tried to say it a long time ago about how being a gay man grants you with power in this world.

(Why is that?... I got laughs and disbelief. But It's coming to the surface.)

But, not in the public eye. Most of the openly gay have a hard time.

But maybe it's not actually being it, but participating within those types of rituals...Just a maybe.

Even Nixon called it "Faggy". And he "doesn't shake hands with anyone in San Francisco anymore".

Even more.

"The Bohemian club! Did you say Bohemian club? That's where all those rich Republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees right? I've never been to the Bohemian club but you oughta go. It'd be good for you. You'd get some fresh air."—President Bill Clinton to a heckler[38]

"The Bohemian Grove, that I attend from time to time—the Easterners and the others come there—but it is the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine, that San Francisco crowd that goes in there; it's just terrible! I mean I won't shake hands with anybody from San Francisco."—President Richard M. Nixon on the Watergate tapes, Bohemian Club member starting in 1953.[39][16]

"If I were to choose the speech that gave me the most pleasure and satisfaction in my political career, it would be my Lakeside Speech at the Bohemian Grove in July 1967. Because this speech traditionally was off the record it received no publicity at the time. But in many important ways it marked the first milestone on my road to the presidency."—President Richard Nixon, Memoirs (1978).[16]


I'm not sure what it is about this hate or disinterest in women...

But even out of this context, they seem to cause more problems than they solve. At least according to the bible.

At the same time, are needed for something to men. And vice versa.

No gender, the "perfect" being?

And, as pointed out to me...

The symbol that's usually associated with it, is an Owl.

And apparently people wear jewelry of owls now...

Soo yeah...

Not saying that you're representing it by wearing it, but who knows...