The same thing I want to stray away from I get sucked back into.

Anyway, the delay I had inbetween halloween and now sucked.

It sounds old, but I might start TRYING to read the newspaper and watch the news.

Now, there's a difference from observing and accepting.

Even if I personally might think it's all bs, a large majority of the population doesn't.

It's being said whether I like it or not.

So, I guess there's a call to keep up with current events...Even though staying on the internet would probably work fine.

There's nothing like reading off of paper. Period.

Anyway, my interest with vampires have grown quite some bit lately

And I have no idea why...

Could they be real...who knows.

Maybe not how they're portrayed...but in a different light...why not?

Meh, someone...

I'll be back later. have to cut this short.