Your worth as a person.


Caps lock. 

I hate announcing anything that I'm looking forward to.

Whenever i do that, my plans never happen. As if i cursed myself.

So I'm staying quiet until after. 

For two people who breathe the same air and end up in the same place after passing on, what makes one person more important than the other? 

Honestly, nothing. As anyone can do what anyone else is doing. 

Not trying to say you're disposable, but someone has to get the job done, and if it's not you then it'll be someone else. 

If you're not changing the world in a positive way, then I'm not sure what you're proud of. 

They say

You'd rather be a lawyer, doctor, nurse, judge, construction worker...etc...

Than to have a job, let's say...At a fast food restaurant, which damn near everyone looks down upon.

But what makes your job better than the person at the fast food place? 

Unless you're doing some life changing work, then any other answer besides "The pay" means nothing to me. 

If you were paid the same money as a lawyer as you were to flip burgers then you would have an entirely different perspective on what a "good" job or "career" is. 

If you were paid $40 an hour to flip burgers, it would be the job of your dreams. 

I find people aren't even choosing jobs because of what they like, but because of the pay that's received from doing the particular. 

So not only are you not helping or changing the world, but you're also not happy with your life due to you being obsessed with money.

But even being a person who does make a change, does this make your worth any more than another human?


For those who wish to be remembered, what do you think people will remember you for? Your generation?

You're going down a straight path. You're not branching off. You'll die and people will forget your name after the generation passes. 

If you don't care about leaving your mark here, then pay no mind to what I typed. 

I've said it before, if not me be remembered, then at least my message. 

Just come to the realization that money isn't as important as you think it is. 

To be Frank, you won't catch a poor person abusing drugs on the regular. 


By the way. The bro's dropped a few tapes this passed week, check em out.

Jon Fletch - Unemployment Season

And C-wizz's band

Shadow Of The Giant - The Demo EP