I need to meditate and start exercising


This watermelon is mushy as hell, I'm not impressed.

Not one bit, nope. *sits it to the side*

Alright so...Just making sure I had my definition correctly.

"Virginity is the state of a person who has never engaged in sexual intercourse."

Personally, I don't see what's so special about it.

But I haven't done much reading or looking into it either, so that's probably why.

It's taken pretty serious as far as religion goes though.

Even though as far as Christianity, it's usually something that people just overlook.

Haven't been surrounded by many other religions, so i can't speak for them.

There was once a belief in Islam about having 72 virgins after death.

People bash this theory to hell, but it came from somewhere. Accurate or not, there's a reason why that would seem like it would be a pretty favorable present to wake up to after death. Who wouldn't like that?

As far as American culture goes, at least where I'm at. Being a virgin is either praised, or frowned upon.

It varies by gender.

If you're a girl and you're a virgin, most guys will go Gaga over her. They all want to be the one to experience it, and be the one to "de-flower" her. Who doesn't want to feel special?

But if you're a guy, you're looked down upon...By other guys for the most part.

Most girls will give you the "Aww, that's cute" or some shit like that.

It'll make or break you. She'll either become more sexually attracted to you, thus increasing your chances.

Or be drawn away, in search for a more sexually experienced partner.

As far as women go, it's about 99% of a "maker". I've never heard any women who was teased for being one.

Though I'm sure it's least on once before.

Women do have it tough though, with how today and double standards go

They're afraid to have any sexual relations because of how society will look at them.

They'll have sex with one guy, and everyone else, out of envy or whatever...Guys being jealous that they weren't the ones to take it first. Make fun of her, call her a whore...Whatever.

But if they were the guy who took it, they wouldn't be saying the same thing. So it's really just jealousy.

For the people who do think highly of it though, just think.

Losing your virginity is only a big deal because people TOLD you it's a big deal.

Look within yourself, if it's NOT a big deal to you personally, don't let people talk you into it.

Or vice versa.

Make your own morals, I'm tired of seeing people be molded by others thoughts

Funny, I always wondered if humans would know how to have sex if they never saw someone else do it first.

I know it happens with animals, but still. The thought of it just seems...Stretched.

Imagine yourself right now, assuming a guy is reading this.

Would you really know where to place it?

This would probably result just like most animals

You just keep pelvic thrusting in the general area until you get it right.

It's gonna suck for you umbrella handle havers.

But apparently, sexual power is a very...powerful force?

I'm not even sure how this happens, but I'm guessing

But dangerous at times too.

Thanks to Tom, I'm too paranoid jerk it to videos or pics.

Had me reading some shit like, it's okay to masturbate, but not to videos/pics.

So like...I'm supposed to just lay there and go off of memory the entire time.

That honestly just sounds boring.

But I'm sure if you're really fiend-ing, you won't second guess it.

Apparently, when doing it to pictures or videos, it's at such a low vibration

That it leaves the abuser or user at a big chance of demonic possession.

Beings in the lower astral planes, or lower vibrations love the feeling and experience of sex and orgasms.

And since body-less beings need a earth body to experience such actions...

Whenever you're pleasing yourself to the videos or pics, the body-less being attaches itself to your mind or body. Thus, making you addicted to it.

And since i've done that since I was...maybe 11?

Then as far as spirits go, I'm long gone.

I am who I am. With more control than ever.

Hope it doesn't invade your subconscious.

In other news. Check out this. This impressed me more than the watermelon.