There comes a time in your life where others answers aren't enough to satisfy your curiosity.

I found myself listening to more people than actually finding out things for myself.


Just certain things that used to interest me don't seen to anymore.

Being those things that I actually did learn from.

It's almost as if I'm going into another state. But the transitioning period is taking a little longer than expected.

The only question is, what's next?

Maybe I've been distracted lately by games and videos.

Either way, all it would take is for something to rub me the wrong way and then I'd be back.

Anyway, the question of what matters hits me often.

No matter how you slice things, it's all the same.

Like, there's been no groundbreaking knowledge that I've come into.

Something that would change the way the world spins.

Something that I could prove physically so there would be no doubts.

And that's what it will take to get me to push that much further. As I only repeat what I see results in benefits.

Most claims are too intangible.

And tangibility...or at least ________

Is what I'm needing.