The Devil.

This is what i love, what i've been drawn away from.

For one, last night was the first time i washed my blanket in soooo long...

I caught a wiff of it when i woke up one morning

And it wasn't too pleasant to say the least

Just...all sorts of liquids and unknown substances were upon it

And i must say...

It smells good, and i've been sleeping better than ever. Life is good

No more nightmares...Anyway

Let's say the devil does exist...

There are a lot of speculations of who or what the devil is

Honestly, unless the being talked to you personally and told you

Then you don't know

And even if it did tell you that, it's probably not

People think they would just be able to tell the Devil out of a group of people

Like a picture of 50 people

And they're looking for the one that looks sinister and red with horns and a pitchfork

Do you honestly think it would happen like that?

Take into consideration, this "devil" has been around longer than you have been alive

Pretty much since the beginning of existence

And has powers beyond your comprehension

One of them being able to shapeshift

Take into consideration that there may be many species upon this earth

I hear there are 13. Including Vampires. Which is funny because i had a dream that jesus was one.

Despite what you think, chances are they don't all have the same intent

Note: Hollywood does NOT always lie to you in movies.

Just because you haven't seen it, does not mean that it doesn't exist.
Think, if the devil came within your presence

Do you really think he'd be like

"Sup man? I'm the devil...And uh, I'm here to take your soul and make you do evil things...Go rape that baby"

Blunt, it could be any of you, even someone you've known since birth.

Your best friend, a family member, a teacher.

Of course you can't tell, that's the point.

A wolf in sheeps clothing.

Speaking of image...I've asked this before

But what's up with every devil's head being a goat?

Well...not in all religions.

It's really all perception depending upon where you are raised.

There seem to be a few correlations between Lucifer and Jesus, since we're on the topic.

Hand gestures.

Let's see...Jesus said he is the "Bright and morning star"

And thanks to Vsauce, i now know that there are only 3 astronomical bodies that can cast shadows on the earth bright enough that humans can see.

The moon, the sun...and Venus.

Note: Lucifer is not Satan.

While Lucifer is "The morning star, or venus"

(In the Da Vinci Code, the pentagram represents venus.
Though I'm not sure of how true this is, the planet venus apparently travels in a pentagram order in space.
And the pentagram has associations with Free Masonry.
There are also other speculations of what the pentagram represents.
The five wounds of jesus, the four elements with spirit being the fifth, a link between god and a nation...etc.
And since people associate the illuminati with free masonry, i'll get into this.
Apparently, the illuminati are a group of people who have been around for a long time
People like philisophers and scientists that were trying to prove certain things being false and others being true, such as the earth being round and actually not flat.
Who were usually killed for not abiding by the bible by using certain facts.
In term went into hiding.
So basically, a group of people who know the truth, but don't want to be killed.
If such is true...then who's really the bad guy? And who are you fearing? Your gut will tell you.
Where did this come Interesting)

Satan is "the opposer"

And Devil is...The accuser or slanderer

Apparently 3 different beings.

But, for the sake of the post, i'll assume that you know i've been grouping them all in the same category.

Why this is weird to me, the streets i've been living on my entire life all correlate.

Daybreak, Bright star, Twilight, Daystar, High noon,  Morning star...etc

Makes me think...where and what have i been brought into...

And sure, someone could come and tell me I'm wrong about all of this

And yet, someone would tell him that he's wrong about everything that he said to me.

A never ending cycle.

Yet none of it would be true. If you were to tell me I'm wrong about the identity of the devil, you'd be wrong.

You have no idea of my relations with any being.

The worst part is...It's so much deeper than what you think it is...pause.

End of the day, don't be afraid to look into things that you've been told are "evil"

Know your enemy, defeat your enemy...Do you know your enemy?

Still gonna tell me it's all a coincidence?