The Bachelor Finale

I keep bouncing between moments of deep thought and moments of nonsense.

I don't like feeling like everyone else, it's saddening.

Well my promise didn't last too long.

Anyway, as of late I've been feeling a bit experimental

The whole...weed thing is cool and all.

But I'm looking for something with a twist on it, and a weird past.

Saw a few drug documentaries, so u kind of have an idea of what to and what not to touch.


All ones that don't seem to have much of a physical effect on the person using them, and usually aren't addictive.

You can blame this on overuse of my own room.

Note; for experimental use only. I'm not as much looking for any pleasure.

I'm sure ill never find 3/4. But whatever. I can dream.

Accept me for me or leave me.


-scrolls though list of things to blog about...-