Bam, as soon as i posted the last post I remembered.

Or pretended to.

It's too hot. But yo, stereotypes?

*Goes to wikipedia...Idc what your teachers tell you, it's accurate, and if edited, it changes itself back within minutes.*

"A stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things, but that belief may or may not accurately reflect reality."

That being said, people usually look at a stereotype as a bad thing.

But, if it's true, then is it still a bad thing to assume?

I know it'll probably hurt the feelings of the person or -insert whatever else here- if it's not true, but still.

I'm not for negative stereotypes, but I can still see where the average person would get it from.

Just take it into consideration.

Say you're the owner of a store.

And everyday, (for the sake of the story) A person with green skin walks in, throws an egg at you , and then runs out.

And this happens day, after day...after day...after day.

Same color of skin, different people.

After awhile, you'd be accustomed to the green people being thieves.

Not that you naturally have anything against them, but everytime when you come in contact with one, they throw some shit at you.

We know it's not "right" to just assume the same for every other person of this particular race

But it is what it is. It only takes one to ruin it for everyone else.

And thing is, most of us do it regardless. Intentionally or not.

Tell me I'm not the only one who from time to time tries to move things with their mind.

Honestly, i'll just be sitting here bored, and something on my desk interests me.

So I'll try to go all...Chronicle, or Magneto and push or pull it.

It never works...But i still try anyway.

If my vision wasn't so blurry, i'd tell you that i just moved this cup without a doubt.

But I'm not sure if i flinched, or if the cup did.

Who knows what kind of stuff i'd get into if i learned how to do that somehow.

Life as i know it would never be the same. I'd learn how to move myself, and fly to the store n shit.

Shitting on birds that shit on cars.