Live from...the bed

As the trailer to 'Sinister' finds its way upon my t.v.

I remember something that happened when I was younger.

A friend of my sisters was in her room watching tv with the window, and someone shot her from her window.

So as I type this, feeling paranoid I closed my window and closed the curtains.

Do you believe in coincidences? It's been happening so much lately that I'm starting to think something of it.

There's always a limit...only so many coincidences can happen before you start connecting the dots.

It's to the point that its weird.

Alongside of my name, and everything else that I've told you on this blog.

Apparently the number of man is 666.

Which is looked at as an evil number.

The thoughts of me being Jesus, plus the added fact that the name I was given from birth.

Initials are 666.

I find most of my thoughts occur when I look into my own eyes and just think.

Confused whether I'm looking at myself or not. How do you look into your own eyes and not be sure of your identity.

You cannot tell me that I wasn't here to make change.

Always the one whose been looked over and went unnoticed in any situation.

Purposely or not.

As if I'm not memorable. The things I do aren't worth words.

So at the same time of not wanting to be remembered for a name

You'll have no choice but to at the range of factors in your reality that I will turn upside down.

Every ounce of pain brings me one step closer to breaking.

I wish I was joking.

Always balancing on the line between my own sanity.

To the point that I have to tell myself that I am sane and there's nothing wrong with me.

Then why do I constantly receive this kind of response.

I'm laying here shaking and breathing irregularly as I'm typing this.

But at the same time, I'm feeling more spiritual than I have before.

But what is my intention? I'll either be the best or worst thing that has ever happened.

And I'm balancing between the two.

Either way, it'll all be apart of a prophecy. So I'm happy knowing I have a purpose.

And if I don't fufill it. Another will.

I just hope my energy passes off to an open mind.

If something was to ever happen to me.(I doubt). I ask for this blog to stay active.

My words will mean something to somebody.

But please, don't just read.

Act upon them, at your own risk.