I've seen enough things today to make a nun cry.

4chan? It's not for the weak of heart. It's just not man...

It's 9:31.

I have a craving to go smoke in the woods.

The woods already starting to be my comfort zone, it just feels right.

Either way

I've still got a lot of reading to do. This is the first time in awhile that i've actually wanted to read something.

And actually have been planning on reading it for months now but never got around to it.

Hopefully this helps me out with a few thoughts.

By the way, why does it seem like "holy people" only spend their time around other "holy people"?

C'mon now...You're heavy in that belief. But even "Jesus" spent a lot of his time around the "undesirables".

The deadbeats, the cold hearted, the ones no one else wanted to be around.

So what's being around the "good" actually solving?

Instead of bashing the "blind" and the wrongly guided for the life that they live

Help them out. Love thy neighbor right?

After all...

"It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick."

Sitting around saying "What Ifs..." are always interesting and fun.

But there needs to be a balance. What Ifs, What Is, What Isn't. 

What ifs are what makes life interesting. Grey. 

What are and what are nots... are simple. Black and White. 

Religion isn't my thing, but there's a piece of truth everywhere. 

And considering that most of the population in the U.S is Christian.

I love using it as a tool for understanding. 

What better way to get my word across than comparing it to what your entire life is based off of?

That hits. Home plate.

I find that some of the "greats" from back in the day all had one thing in common.

They didn't talk on a low enough level for the common people to understand

When I say this, they almost talked in metaphors or in riddles. 

Which leads to many interpretations, and causes people to be divided by just that. 

"It means this! No! It means this..." 

So...Yeah you preached. But why can't the G-pop agree that you meant this or that? 

I actually planned on trying to be More cryptic with the way I talk. 

But what's the point of that? I'm not trying to find myself at the same end as other "greats" 

Perhaps you really can't help it though...There are different perceptions.

But there's gotta be some form that it would be unmistakable. 

Hm...Symbols? Maybe. 

But who knows...a symbol of a man being stabbed in the neck by a spear, may be interpreted as something totally different by someone.

And all it takes is one person. 

I look at the people who came before me as examples, to learn from.

Always should you learn.

And anything that teaches me to not want to be better than what was before me, I can't agree with.

Who raises their children to be like them? To live the life they did?

Always should you raise BETTER than yourself. Never equal or lesser.

That is how you progress.

Don't be your idol.

Be better than your idol.

Even in religious text.